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Wasilla, Alaska
is a Recognized City of the United States of America.
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Wasilla, Alaska
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Wasilla, Alaska HistoryEdit

Wasilla, Alaska TodayEdit

Popular Ethnic Neighborhoods In Wasilla, AlaskaEdit

Wasilla, Alaska LandmarksEdit

Famous People From Wasilla, AlaskaEdit

A Typical Day In Wasilla, AlaskaEdit

Strange Laws in Wasilla, AlaskaEdit

  • proven gays are chained to wild bears.

The Mayor And Her DutiesEdit


Wasilla's current mayor!

After the governor, the mayor of Wasilla is the second most powerful person in Alaska.

She has a busy schedule filled with many duties fulfilling the vow she swore when taking office to "gather Executive Experience."

Here is a sample of her schedule:

  • Sunday-- all-day church
  • Monday-- meeting
  • Tuesday-- prepare jello for Wednesday church
  • Wednesday-- church
  • Thursday-- sign paychecks
  • Friday-- begin baked beans for Saturday church gathering
  • Saturday-- prepare for Sunday church


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