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Since 2007, Colbert Nation and even before that, the Colboard (2006), meant a reference point to me, a ‘comedic sanctuary’ I am a proud citizen of. Colbert Nation forum will be soon shut down. If you are a Colbert Nation hero and you think this is unacceptable, please sign this petition here:

It's with a heavy heart that I share this collage of videos and photos from the best moment of this past 7 years migling with other Colbert Nation heroes... Putting together this short video made me think of how fortunate we have been to be in Stephen's Jr. nest for sunch a long and blessed time

Colbert Nation Mosaic of Love (1080p)02:33

Colbert Nation Mosaic of Love (1080p)

Colbert Nation Mosaic of Love by Warsucks

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