The War of The Internets Tubes is the war Americans are having to protect the integrity of truthiness on her Internets.

On America's SideEdit

Against AmericaEdit

(and everything that makes The Baby Jesus Happy)

The First BattleEdit

The first battle took place on television, The Internets' older brother.

Late in the year 2005, the great hero, Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A. declared that the elephant population had tripled as revealed to him by his gut.

All Wikipedophiles fervently denied this truthyism and took their War on Truthiness into The Internets Tubes.

World War 0  | World War I  | World War II  | World War III
The War of Northern Aggression  | Cold War  | Korean War  | Vietnam War
The French Revolution  | War of 1812  | American-Indian War  | American-Mexican War  | American-Spanish War
War On Terror  | Gulf War  | Operation Iraqi Freedom  | War On Iran
War On Christmas  | Easter Under Attack  | The War On The Fourth Of July  | War on Monkeys  | The Cola Wars  | War on The Free Market  | The War To Christmasize Israel  | War of The Internets Tubes  | War On Science
War On The Middle Class  | The War Against The Gayification of American Children  | War On Drugs  | War On Poverty

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