Walter Haut
is a Traitor
And will soon feel the wrath of a vengeful Baby Jesus.

Lt. Walter Haut was the public relations officer at the Roswell, New Mexico air base in 1947. Lt. Haut issued two now-famous press releases in July of that year, the first claiming that the 509 Bomb Group stationed at the base had apprehended a "flying disc," and the second a correction stating that they had, in fact, merely picked up a "weather balloon."

A Good SoldierEdit

For the rest of his life, Lt. Haut acted like a patriot and held to the official Air Force line that a "weather balloon" was all that came down in Roswell. When the Air Force later changed the story a little more and "corrected" themselves in 1995, Lt. Haut did not dispute their new claims that the Roswell debris had been part of a "secret testing program" called Project Mogul.

Lt. Haut showed himself a loyal military man once again in 1997, when a follow-up report added that the "bodies" seen by witnesses to the Roswell "incident" were most likely those of crash-test dummies which the Air Force might have been using to "test high-altitude falls."

Yet while the story of what "really" happened at Roswell continued to change, Lt. Haut's story never did. Whatever his superiors said happened, that's what happened.

Turning TraitorEdit

Somewhere in his black, traitorous heart, though, Lt. Haut must have been living a lie. Without alerting his (now-dead) Commanding Officer or any higher-ups in the Air Force, Lt. Haut recorded a statement and signed an affidavit to be released only after his death. In this so-called "confession" the formerly proud and loyal Lieutenant admits to having seen something at Roswell back in 1948.

Something that we at will not deign to poison our internets tubes by repeating. For unlike Lt. Haut, we believe that what the government wants us to know is all we need to know. And if that means taking secrets and lies and eyewitness accounts of government manipulations with us to our graves - and beyond - then so be it. That's the American way, Lt. Haut. Or didn't they teach you that at traitor school??

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