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Helen Thomas
Walter Cronkite
Belongs to The Vast Left-Wing Media Conspiracy

Walter Cronkite (sometimes known as Dr. FunkensteinEpisode #587) was the host of the CBS Evening News before Katie Couric took over.

He was best known as the man who complained about Nixon.

Cronkite died (pause, remove glasses, check the calendar) July 17, 2009; he was 92.


A young Hugh Downs (at left) joins Cronkite for the Farm Report, WTF, 1947.

Early Life & Education

Career In Journalism

As A Cub Reporter

In Vaudeville

In Radio

On The TV

Monumental Events He Covered

America's Civil War

Invention Of The Car

Invention Of The Aeroplane

The Greatest Depression Ever

World War I & II

"Assassination" Of JFK

"Moon Landing"

Leisurely Retirement Of Nixon

The Death Of Disco

Post-Retirement Controversies

Walter Cronkite retires from journalism forever

Dan Rather's Jealousy Of

Feud With Katie Couric

Boinking Barbara Walters

Crank Calling C-SPAN With Gerald Ford

Opinion Of Presidents He Covered

See Also

External Tubes

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Walter Cronkite
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