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When the president decides something on Monday, he still believes it on Wednesday -- no matter what happened Tuesday.
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~ Stephen Colbert
on waffling

Waffling (noun)

The inability to stick to a single position, instead flip-flopping back and forth like a liberal fish in the mighty freedom-loving claws of a Bald Eagle. The term originated in roadside diners in the American heartland, where customers[1] unable to choose a breakfast item in the face of the bewildering array of choices presented by America's bounty would be slapped in the face with a fresh waffle and told, "You'll take a waffle and like it!" The phrase "cruising for a waffling" was soon shortened to simply "waffling."
Synonyms: Kerrying, Kerrytitis
Antonyms: Staying the Course, Constantly adjusting one's tactics

Famous Waffler


  1. Obviously liberals, since conservatives have decided by age 5 what they're going to have for breakfast from then on.

2. On the other hand, may I suggest our pancakes?

3. David Brooks likes pancakes when waffles are served and waffles when attending the National Pancake and Prayer Breakfast.

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