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another victim of the pro bear agenda

Wwf large-1-

a picture says a thousand words

History Edit

The WWE was originally known as the WWF. Is a gay themed soap opera . They lost the rights to their name when some liberal Nazi lawyers sued them on behalf of the World Wildlife Fund. The real perpetrator behind the lawsuit is obvious to anyone. I am speaking of course of bears. This lawsuit is just another example of these godless killing machines advancing their pro-bear/anti-humanity agenda. The WWE contains a wide variety of talent, and entertainment. The athleticness is rivaled by none, and if you skip a date or previous appointment to stay in on a Monday, Tuesday, Friday and sometimes Sunday to watch the great superstars seen on the WWE, you wont be dissapointed. The only thing better than WWE, would be a Colbert-WWE sandwich, with truthiness and good ol' fashioned american values in the middle, a pay-per-view of epic proportions featuring the god-like man that is Colbert and the unstoppable force that is the WWE Superstars; It would be even better than that dude from the movie 'Freaks' who rolls and lights his own cigarettes despite the fact that he has no arms or legs.

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