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Jesse James was a murdering, racist, slave-owning, cousin-marrying, bank robbing confederate.

The radio program will regale his adventures against "authority" framing him as heroic and his enemies as foolish and worthy of Jesse's punishments there should be no mention of his enemies (in order to dehumanize them)

The tone should be adoration for all of Jesse's exploits, anything that Jesse does or says that might be considered racist should be skimmed over or ignored altogether; Jesse is The Greatest Western Hero EVER! much like another "Greatest".

Ooh, also, James was practically a teenager when he fought in the Civil War The War of Northern Aggression for the Southern (victim's) side.


Announcer: Strom Thurmond

  • Jesse James...George Buford Allen I
  • Frank James...David Aloisius Dukes
  • Zelda (mom)...Sally Foster
  • Zelda (cousin/wife)...Sally Foster
  • Ching-Chong Ding-Dong (Chinese servant)


  • Jesse Fights The Savages!
  • Jesse Battles The Taxman!
  • Jesse and Zelda Get Married!
  • Frank Helps Jesse Hang A Picture!

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