This is a radio program that aired on WTF radio featuring the whimsical characters from the favorite children's story 'Brer Rabbit'. The sponsor, "The Prescott Group" used the program to promote the many industries in which it had vested interests.

Even though it was a radio program, all the performers were in black-face.


Cast of Prescott's "Brer Rabbit"
Character Name Performed by Description
Uncle Remus Franklin Howell elderly negro gentleman sharecropper
Brer Rabbit Hiram Whickermeister III adolescent ne'er do well rabbit, who lives on the farm where Uncle Remus works
Brer Bear Chester Wentworth an elderly bear who lives in the forest and works hard to keep his adolescent charge, Brer Fox in line
Brer Fox Henry Throckmorton Brer Bear's ward, Brer Rabbit's best friend
Tar Baby Henry Throckmorton a forest creature who causes lots of problems, but who can only been seen by Uncle Remus
Auntie Mama Sally Foster the house servant on Mr. Bossmansir's farm
Mr. Bossmansir Chester Wentworth the kind and understanding boss of the farm, who has to put up with all the troubles everyone else causes him


Prescott Group Presents Brer Rabbit (1933-1945)
Episode Name Prescott Product Promoted Plot
Uncle Remus Takes A Train Prescott's Private Parallel Coaches! Uncle Remus tries to catch a train to South Carolina to help when Mr. Bossmansir visits his mother. First Remus forgets his ticket, then Mr. Bossmansir's luggage; misunderstandings and mistaken identities abound.
Uncle Remus Goes To The City Prescott Pharmacy & Sundries Amalgamated Mr. Bossmansir needs groceries and Auntie Mama is laid up in bed, so the shopping is left to Uncle Remus!
Uncle Remus Visits The County Fair Prescott's Own Radium Water The Colonel is coming to visit so Mr. Bossmansir and Auntie Mama must clean the entire plantation! Just when things are getting sticky, Mr. Bossmansir's sister drops off her children for Mr. Bossmansir to watch! It's up to Uncle Remus to take the kids to the county fair so Mr. Bossmansir and Auntie Mama can get busy before the Colonel shows up!

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