WR Grace
has been granted full United States "citizenship"
for their donation to Republican causes.
America thanks you, WR Grace
W.R. Grace & Co.
NYSE Code 1
Slogan/Motto 2
Founder 3
Year Founded 4
C.E.O. 5
Products/Services 6
Headquarters 7

W.R. Grace & Company is chemical products manufacturer founded by New York City's first Catholic mayor.

Grace employs many people and makes lots of money for its shareholders and executives, making them an easy target for lawsuits by opportunistic capitalism haters.


In this section describe the glorious and patriotic history of this glorious and patriotic capitalistic corporation! Include details about profits and successes against socialism and labor.

Products (Besides Asbestos)Edit

In this section describe the many ways this chemical giant helps America. Pay special attention to its signature product, asbestos

Relationship With Halliburton And BankruptcyEdit

In this section describe how--during a certain period of America's history--corporations were free to profit from any product (including asbestos) because we were fighting communism and regulation. And why it wasn't then--and shouldn't be now--a crime to mine the earth for materials that God does want us to have (he just wants us to work for them).

Victim Of Activist JudgesEdit

In this section, describe how WR Grace and other patriotic corporations (like Halliburton) have been discriminated against for their belief in the free market. Check the link below for notes on the Libby, Montana trial.

Saved By The Right Kind Of LawyersEdit

In this section, describe how the law was able to recognize the righteousness of capitalism. Check the link below for notes on WR Grace's asquittal.

External TubesEdit

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