This page, Voting Rules, discusses an official policy of We treat it like we would treat a decree from Our Glorious Stephen himself. Because it is so rich in gut-issued, truth-filled wikiality, this policy on Voting Rules has wide acceptance among members of and is considered a standard that all users should follow. By following these standards, we are working to create a reality where each user's truthiness reflects the truthiness of Stephen.

If you tamper with anyone else's entry,

you will be banned!


  1. Only Registered Users Who Have Contributed Positively to Are Allowed to:
    1. Nominate entries
    2. Vote for nominees
    3. And, yes, you may nominate and vote for your own article


  1. Nominated Article must meet standards:
    1. must be about Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A.
    2. if not directly about Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A., it must reflect "The Stephen Colbert Experience"
    3. must be funny (actually, its more imporant to be satirical, but that's a wordonista word and what we really want is somebody nailed that we can laugh at)
    4. must be written by a Registered User
    5. must be truthy
  2. Criteria for Nominees
    1. must not contain red links
    2. must not have any "Bad tags" or "UC" tags
    3. spelling, punctuation, grammatical and formatting errors kept to a minimum.
    4. must not contain any Wikipedophilia
      1. no randomness
      2. no vanity
      3. truthiness-deficient

How To Nominate an Article

  1. Include the title of the article as a link
  2. "sign" the nomination
  3. A nomination does not count as a vote.


  1. User may only have one vote per nomination.
  2. User may vote for as many nominees as they choose.

How To Vote

  1. Just write "+1" under the selection of your choice (the Article Name or, for features: "Yes", "No", "Not Yet") followed by your "signature".


Users should sign all communications on A "signature" leaves the date and time, plus the User's name. To "sign", type 2 of these "-", then 4 of these "~", with no spaces in between or quotation marks. It should look like this: "--~~~~".

Trouble Nominating/Voting?

If you are not able to edit the "Nominating" or "Voting" page, and you are logged in, comment on the Talk:Main_Page, if there is a syscop around, they will come and help you.

If you tamper with anyone else's entry,

you will be banned!

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