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Voter ID is a patriotic law to protect the sanctity of voting by making sure only the right people vote and guarantee Mitt's victory in 2012.

Requirements to VoteEdit

  • Be white (a plus)
  • Christian
  • Rich (at least not poor)
  • Photo Identification
  • No college education
  • Employment
  • Be member of the Republican Party (no a requirement, but it helps).


Voting suppression-Block the vote

If you lack an ID to vote, no worries. There are certain guidelines for exceptions that will allow you to vote without an ID photo or help you issuing one without delay.

Who Must Have Voter ID to VoteEdit

  • Democrats
  • College Students (liberal college students)
  • Old people
  • Black People (this is not racist, we just want to make sure black people have the right to vote preserved by all time)
  • Poor People
  • Lazy people
  • non-republicans
  • moochers

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