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it is your duty to report Vomit to the authorities.


Vomit is a term used to descibe the multi-colored (some say "rainbow-colored") substance which is liberated from one's mouth after a night of binge drinking/eating. Other causes include:

  • rollercoaster rides
  • other peoples vomit
  • if you get car or water sick
  • discusting smells/sights
  • your face

Medical StudiesEdit

Vomit can have different appearances depending on the cause. Can be solid, liquid, smooth, lumpy, sticky, watery or have little bits of food in.

Other words for vomitEdit

  • puke
  • retch
  • sick-up
  • bleh
  • sick burp

Places to vomitEdit

  • on TV,
  • in bed,
  • on a date,
  • in a bubble bath,
  • at school,
  • in someone elses mouth

Places to not vomitEdit

  • in the toilet,
  • in a sick bag

See AlsoEdit

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