Vinnie Jones
has bad teeth and a funny accent because he is British,
but still loves America, thank you for supporting our President.


Vinnie Jones
is Soccer-related
which makes it un-American


Vinnie Jones
is Very Manly™.




Vinnie Jones in his usual demeanor

Vincent Jones is that awesome British soccer hooligan in that movie Eurotrip. You know, the one that opens the beer bottles with his eyes. He's like a British version of James Bond. Jones was the roomate of The Honorable Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, DFA at Knox College.

Sports CareerEdit

According to Wikipedia, he played football even though the only pictures of him show him playing soccer. Vinnie was known for being a real tough guy and a decider. In one game he was given a yellow card after just five seconds because the ref declared a jihad against him. In another, he grabbed the other guy by the testicles.

Acting CareerEdit

Jones has been in such film classics as Eurotrip, She's The Man, and Rush Hour 3. He also beat the hell out of Stone Cold Steve Austin.


  • Jones was convicted of air rage in 2003
  • Vinnie assaulted his neighbor in 1998
  • Like the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Cheney, he likes to bite the heads of birds.
  • Vinnie Jones does not own bottle openers, he uses his eyes.
  • He is best friends with Michael Vick
  • Vinnie Jones could never be arrested for dog fighting. It would instead be considered sacrifice since he is a god.

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