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Sintio en venter, ergo sum rectus.
Vigilo Colberto Ergo Sum
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Vigilo Colberto Ergo Sum (philosophical formula)

trans. from the Latin: "I watch Colbert, therefore I am."

Vigilo Colberto Ergo Sum describes the state of a hero's self-conscious awareness of existing as a feeling being. This awareness derives from adherence to, and belonging in, The Stephen Colbert Experience. However, it is a fallacy of logic to declare that "I am watching Colbert, therefore I am Colbert." There can be only one Glorious Stephen.

The more correct logical construction is "Vigilo Colberto Ergo Sum Veritasitas" (I watch Colbert, therefore I am Truthy.)

Process of Establishing Oneself as a Feeling (Truthy) BeingEdit

In order establish oneself in accordance with the formula Vigilo Colberto Ergo Sum one must first observe oneself watching The Colbert Report. Then one must analyze the reaction to the truthiness therein contained. With complete realization that one is absorbing the truthiness comes the actualization of self as truthy, defined in the context of the philosophy as the state of true being within The Stephen Colbert Experience.

Implications of Vigilo Colberto Ergo SumEdit

The ontological basis of the philosophy of The Stephen Colbert Experience is summed up by the axiom "Sentio en venter, ergo sum rectus" (I feel in my gut, therefore I am right.) This implies that without the vital basis of truthiness (Veritasitas) one can neither be correct, or indeed exist at all. That'll show those French existentialists!

Ontological Rules / Further Latin ConstructionsEdit

Discussions on the states of Consciousness, Truthiness and Being, their interactions, and their implications in an ontological sense, are available upon request.

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Do not also see Descartes - his statements are misquoted in translation. The statement in English is commonly referred to as "I think therefore I am" but the French, in which it was originally written, is "I think, therefore I am thinking." Baby Mohammed bless the French! This was exposed by the great German onotolgical philosopher Emmanuel Kant, with the proper translation from German, "I think, therefore I believe that I am thinking." (ie, conscious awareness has absolutely nothing to do with being or existence at all.) Kant is obviously the truthier of the two philosophers. The logical fallacy normally proven as "A therefore B" is tantamount to saying "Apple, therefore Wikiality." This is also an ontological fallacy of truthiness, as explained by the great American philosopher Stephen Colbert. The basis of the Philosophy of Truthiness (as with most philosophies) is the Hegelian dialectic, which says Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis. Our Glorious Stephen, however, corrects this to: Fact + Gut = Truthiness.

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