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Video Games
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"Video Games"
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"Video Games"
is for the kids!

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In the beginning, there was much resource gathering.
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~ The Nerd Bible


No fair! Jesus is playing in “God Mode”


Video Games are next battlefield in the War on Terror.

The American Armed Forces is funding the production of games to indoctrinate young minds about patriotism and train the next generations of soldier to pacify insurgency in a desert city and bomb the living hell out of terrorist strong hold.[1]

The Syrians are funding the production of games to train Muslim kids about Jihad against the Israeli Army and its occupation of Palestine and Lebenon.[2] The Pakistanis are funding the production of games to train kids on Jihad against the Indian army.

Many of those unamerican games are all electronically powered simulations used to train terrorists to take away our freedoms.

Except for the Nintendo Wii and Halo which Dr. Colbert help make.

Video GamersEdit

Hitler gets banned from Xbox Live03:49

Hitler gets banned from Xbox Live

Hitler launches surprise attack against Microsoft… the fool…

Video Games Stephen Approves OfEdit

Modern Warfare 2 Warning Extended02:56

Modern Warfare 2 Warning Extended

The most offensive video game
in all video game history

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