"Video Game Awards"
Is an essential component of's Internets Tube for Nerds

The Video Game Awards (or VGAs) are the Oscars for the tubes.

2008 resultsEdit

Game of the Year: Stray

Studio of the Year: Stray

Best Shooter: Stray

Best RPG: Stray

Best Individual Sports Game: Stray

Best Handheld Game: Stray

Best Graphics: Stray

Best Game Based on a Movie or TV Show: Stray

Best Music Game: Stray

Best Driving Game: Stray

Best Action Game: Stray

Best Soundtrack: Stray

Best Xbox 360 Game: Stray

Best Wii Game: Stray

Best PS3 Game: Stray

Best PC Game: Stray

Best Original Score: Stray

Best Multiplayer Game: Stray

Best Independent game: Stray

Best Fighting Game: Stray

Best Male Voice: Stray

Best Female Voice: Stray

Big Name in the Game Male: Stray

Big Name in the Game Female: Stray

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