is one of Australia's states.

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History of VictoriaEdit

Victoria was founded by convicts and kangaroos from England in order to escape the death penalty for being "bloody annoying."

Victoria TodayEdit

A pristine example of what Kangaroos and Convicts can accomplish. They are still universally recognized as being pests.

Victoria Climate & GeographyEdit

Cold, dry, hot, miserable, usually miserable with glimpses of wonderful only to be miserable minutes later.

Victoria CitiesEdit


Victoria LandmarksEdit

MCG an sporting arena for a ridiculous ping pong game in which men beat each other with hand bags and rub baby oil on them selves.

Victoria CultureEdit

Very suspect Very suspect indeed, steer clear of the Melbournites they are a strange breed of cross gender mutations.

Famous People From VictoriaEdit

Queen Victoria? Shane Warne Phillip Island Fairy penguins, yes even the penguins are faires

Probably Ivan Milat.

A Typical Day in VictoriaEdit

Fearing death from killer Koalas,kangaroos and Frankston "smackies".

Drive bys

The Australian State of VICTORIA
Capitol: Hawaii
Official Flower: Waht iz flowa ?
Official Language: Greek
Official Animal: Orangutang
Official Beer: VB
Motto: Victorians on the move... to Queensland
Nickname: Mexican gaylord ping pongers
Governor General: Stephen Hawking
Official Anthem: "Do ya self a favour, and come to South Australia"
Population: perishing; drought, fires and fire men helping killer koalas
Remaining English Prisoner Population: Small pockets of convict ancestors can be found in Cranbourne, Caroline Springs, Pakenham, Geelong [home of the Ranga's]
Rabbit, Sheep or Kangaroo Population: 12
Standard MPH: 20mph. Evil money cameras everywhere have brought Victorian traffic to a constant camera jam. Preferred transport has become the hawker hover craft doing spadoullies at Waverly Park
Principal imports: Victorians that escaped and have been brought back.
Principal industries: Eddie Mac. Incorp.
Fun Fact # 1: Still better than NSW
Fun Fact # 2: Average alcohol consumption is much less than the rest of Australia.

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