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Victims! has been rated WTF by the MPAA.

A musical set in the Houston Astrodome after the Katrina evacuees arrive. Despite controlling all branches of the Federal Government, the Republican Party is hampered by liberals every step of the way. This is where the name for the show comes from--the Republican male and female leads are victims of the liberal agenda.



The StoryEdit

CONDOLEEZZA RICE, a young go-getter works hard to get the attention of her boss (GEORGE W. BUSH) just as he is called away by his assistant (KARL ROVE) to attend to business out of town. Will Condi ever get to tell George her true feelings for him?

Meanwhile, the WELFARE QUEENS and their PIMPS down south, are out of control, creating chaos after a rainstorm, they called Katrina.

Like Gods on Mount Olympus, RONALD REAGAN'S GHOST and THE DEMOCRACY FAERIE, decide to make the best of the disaster caused by BILL CLINTON and NANCY PELOSI.

In the end, BARBARA BUSH comes to the rescue and eases everyone's beautiful, beautiful minds.


  • If I Could Be First Lady
  • This Is Hard Work
  • Katrina
  • I Could Loot Forever
  • Why Didn't I leave (When I Had the Chance)
  • It's Hard Out Here For An Air-Breather
  • Shoes, Glorious Shoes!
  • See Me, Love Me, Take My Picture
  • Compassionate
  • One Bus Ride To Houston
  • Who Needs A Home, When I Gots Me My Cot
  • Why Do Liberals Hate Our Troops
  • O Saddama
  • I'll Never Vote Democratic in Louisiana Again
  • I'm Underprivileged Anyway (This Works Out Well For Me)
  • Love the Photo-Ops
  • Call in the Mexicans (To Rebuild)

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