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John kerry

2004 Democratic Party Presidential Cantidate John Kerry. In no way is this photshopped.

What is a Veteran?Edit

A great terrorist-hater who was once a member of our troops that did not quit, did not cut and run, did not have homosexual relations, and did not flee to Canada inside Jimi Hendrix's tour bus.

Also, a Veteran can not be a chick. No way. Huh-uh.

Veteran is such a good American, that Ronald Reagan gave him his own day, Veterans' Day. When The Greatest President--EVER!'s poll numbers went down, he also gave them another day, Memorial Day.

God Bless America!

See Also: Reveteraning Homeless Veterans

External TubesEdit

Republican Senators Blocks Homeless Veterans Bill02:32

Republican Senators Blocks Homeless Veterans Bill

Helping Homeless Veterans will undermine our Troops!!!

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