The Baby Satan has a special place in hell for
and YOU just for visiting this internets tube!
Al Franken
Vegetarians has earned
is hippie-related, and not groovy to The Baby Jesus.
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Don't be too mean,
is a registered Pussy.

Would you pork that?!

Vegetarians are horrible people who disregard God's offerings by refusing to eat animals.

The Baby Jesus ate lamb. Are vegetarians above eating like Baby Jesus? Apparently so.

What They Eat Edit

They typically eat the devil's food: tofu or greens. They also consume a lot of beans, which explains all the hot air they produce. They eat humus and falafel which is food of the pretend-God, Allah, and his cult of man-dress wearing boyscouts, the Taliban. If global warming were real (which it is because Al Gore's movie made money), then hippie bean-eating vegetarians would be the main cause. This is supported by the fact that they are hypocrites who murder and butcher the plants their Hippie ancestors spent a lot of time being Un-American (pronounced de-mo-crat) by hugging. 

Why They Do What They Do Edit

Some vegetarians don't eat meat because they want to preserve our wildlife. Others attribute their heinous wrong doing to a desire to follow a more "healthy lifestyle." Ultimately their excuses boil down the the following axiom:

"Why live to 75 and enjoy life when you could spend 78 years choking down humus and tofu?"

One day the vegetarians will die out, just like the dinosaurs. Then, when their precious "evolution" turns against them, all the world will revert to good, wholesome flesh-gorging.



Vegetarians can only go without the sweet taste of meat for a while.

  • Vegetarians are understandably subjected to constant torment and ridicule. Conversely, all good Christians know better than to ignore the word of God.
  • Despite what they say, all vegetarians are gay
  • Hitler was a vegetarian
  • Even vegetarians find vegans annoying.

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