Al Franken
Vegetable Regime has earned

Vegetable Regime (Vegetable Elitist. Nanny State)

The Vegetable Regime is a dictatorial regime whose policy enforces people to buy gym membership to stay fit for the conscription to the Liberal Gay Army[1], consumption of vegetables like broccoli and asparagus is mandatory, meat is outlawed and its consumption is punishable by death. No American can vote unless they are members of PETA, and the regime supports Socialized Medicine and it refuses free market conditions like pre-existing conditions.

The Vegetable Regime is taking away our freedoms and rights to eat red meat, develop cardiac arrest while wolfing on a quadruple tripple pounder burger, and undermining our sedentary lifestyle that our ancestors fought and died for.

The Vegetable Regime is an intrusion to America's lazy and unhealthy yet patriotic way of life, it is the Obama & PETA's wet dreams to destroy the American way of life (and death)!

How Children are Helping us Fight the Vegetable ThreatEdit

Say No to BroccoliEdit


  1. Everyone knows that gay people are fit, and they wont rape fat heterosexual men, they have standards.

Vegetable TubesEdit

"Vegetable Regime"
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