Vegetable is heretical
and makes The Baby Jesus jealous!
May it rot in the fires of his judgement!
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Six vegetables, each of them every bit as inedible as the rest.

Vegetables are a type of food eaten by the liberal elite. Consumption of vegetables has been scientifically proven to reduce brain and gut mass by as much as 50% within three months. Compared to fruits - such as bananas - they are, in fact, Spawn of Satan. Vegetables are also a crucial ingredient in Vegemite.

Also, what Terry Schiavo wasn't.

Vegetables were actually used as currency in some eastern countries during the 1700's. But when traders from civilized countries such as England brought disease to the vegetable the eastern broc market crashed causing what is now known as "The Great Vege-ation".

In 1981, there was a Republican effort to elevate the condiment ketchup as being a vegetable. As usual, liberals disagreed & the effort to promote ketchup to being a vegetable was defeated. As a concession, though, ketchup is often considered a "Dwarf vegetable" by most amateur nutritionists.

Of course, liberals had no problems when the Clinton administration successfully made an effort to elevate salsa as a vegetable.

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