is brought to you by Prescott Pharmaceuticals
"The last word in medicine, because Prescott is often, literally, our patients' last word."

Vaxaloon was created by Prescott in order to treat "Truman show delusion". A disease that makes you think that you are in a reality show. For full info, look down

Syndromes & Afflictions Vaxaloon Was Designed To TreatEdit

How Vaxaloon Will Make You FeelEdit

  • Prescott's Vaxaloon
    • makes you believe you're in another Jim Carey movie
  • Options Include:
    • Ace Ventura
    • The Mask
    • Me
    • Myself
    • Irene
  • And for Serious Conditions
    • The Number 23

Side EffectsEdit

  • rectal frosting
  • Arby's mouth
  • tennis scrotum

Recall HistoryEdit

  • No recalls on record at this posting


  • None pending

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