is brought to you by Prescott Pharmaceuticals
"Prescott Pharmaceuticals: guaranteed to change your life, and possibly your genetic code."

Vaxaloon was created by Prescott in order to treat "Truman show delusion". A disease that makes you think that you are in a reality show. For full info, look down

Syndromes & Afflictions Vaxaloon Was Designed To TreatEdit

How Vaxaloon Will Make You FeelEdit

  • Prescott's Vaxaloon
    • makes you believe you're in another Jim Carey movie
  • Options Include:
    • Ace Ventura
    • The Mask
    • Me
    • Myself
    • Irene
  • And for Serious Conditions
    • The Number 23

Side EffectsEdit

  • rectal frosting
  • Arby's mouth
  • tennis scrotum

Recall HistoryEdit

  • No recalls on record at this posting


  • None pending

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