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Valley Forge National Park
is one of the ways God Blessed America.

What Is Valley Forge National Park?Edit

  • It's where George Washington camped his army for the winter of 1777-1778 during the Revolutionary War.
  • It's where John McCain learned to always keep his musket cleanEpisode #567.

How Was Valley Forge National Park Created?Edit

The Eberhard Penncil and Sylvania Light family trusts donated the land to the army to honor George Washington through folk song, wearing of costumes, and cell phone tours, and also because they got a huge tax deduction. Later when the land was needed to build an expansive new condominium complex, it was all scraped out of the ground and shot into space.

Where Is Valley Forge National Park Located?Edit


Picture of Valley Forge National Park.

VFNP is located in geosynchronous orbit above the patriotic state of Pennsylvania, a state born of the union of Sylvania Light and Eberhard Pencil Company. Because Valley Forge Parkhas a short launch time to orbit from downtown Philadelphia it enjoys the most tourism of any of the orbiting national parks. Before the park was placed in orbit for safekeeping it was located planet side. George Washington was said to be able to break away from his troop-forging duties to enjoy fun nights on the town with Betsey Ross. In fact, it is a poorly-kept secret that Betsey Ross actually stitched the first American flag as a bath-wrap when she lost her clothes while skinny-dipping in the Schuykill River with old wooden-teeth Washington.

How Can Americans Enjoy Valley Forge National Park?Edit

Gather up the kids, pack a picnic lunch, hop into the SUV and head on over to the Valley Forge National Launch Center to go into high Earth orbit for musket squirrel hunting, bop the bicyclists, or a gentle relaxing afternoon of Civil War reenactments.

Valley Forge National Park Fun FactsEdit

  • Valley Forge is the first National Park in space.
  • Valley Forge was declared retarded in 1971.

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