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Code HintEdit

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Where "vcardx" is one of the selections below

Card SamplesEdit

My Womb Is Yours Edit


I would gladly have your octuplets
Love Ann

To Stephen from your Alaskan Snow-Pitbull! Edit


Dearest Stephen;
I'm ready to dump my felonious husband for a real man!
All I ask is that you move up with me and my ever-growing litter family!
In Jesus' love; Sarah

Dear Stephen, I love you, but I am not gayEdit


Stephen, I love you. In a totally manly way, though.
This kind of love can only be described as Guy Love
Love(not gay),Prof. McDoc


I vote for you to be my Valentine! Edit


Mister Colberttt;
I pledge the key to my city to you
in exchange for the recognition of my vote.
Yours always via satellite, Eleanor

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