If you do not already know how to make a card, please follow the instructions below.

Any abuse will result in banning.

To post your card for Stephen click here

How to write a card for Stephen

  • choose a card from the selection below
  • type in the code:
    {{vcard#|type your message<br>for Stephen here}},
    where "#" is the number of the card below
    and the "<br>" will start a new line
  • in the space provided, type your message for Stephen

{{vcard8|Dearest Stephen;<br>You're always welcome in my party,<br>Love Always,<br>[[Ken Mehlman]]}}

Gives you:


Dearest Stephen;
You're always welcome in my party,
Love Always,
Ken Mehlman

Card Samples

Post A Card for Stephen here

If none of this makes sense, please ask someone for assistance.

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