is a new reality TV series from FOX.


The brainchild of the producers of "Survivor", "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", "American Idol", and "Extreme Makeover:Home Edition",
is set on the island of Tuvalu. Ten typical Americans will be sent to the island to compete in various contests in the hopes of winning $1 billion US dollars.

To Become A

Production begins in Fall, 2007 and potential contestants are asked to send resumes to Rupert Murdoch's Fifth Australian summer home. Call your local FOX affiliate for the exact address.

Contestant's Minimum Requirements

The producers ask that each contestant first meet some basic requirements before sending resumes. Contestants must be:

  • Republican
  • retired, independently wealthy or making no less than 500k annually

Life on The IslandEdit

The producers have come up with some of the most innovative situations to put the contestants in, that have never been seen on TV before. Each
contestant will have to build their own hut on the beach, where they will stay. But, before leaving for Tuvalu, each
contestant will be given:
  • Every personal entertainment device known to man (TVs, iPods, MP3 players, bluetooth devices, PSPs, etc)
  • all their own clothing
  • the use of all their automobiles
  • all their assets will be liquidated and each contestant will be given their own cash to have on the island
However, the
contestants will not be allowed to communicate with the outside world, so no communications devices will be permitted. If any of the personal entertainment devices listed above can also be used as a communications device, it will be confiscated.

The ContestEdit

For 2 months prior to the beginning of the contest the people of Tuvalu will be given the complete personal profile for each of the
contestants, and be shown where they will be staying on the island.

On the day the contest begins, martial law will be declared on the island and all the show's recording equipment will be handed over to the people of Tuvalu. The program has been tentatively given a Friday night time slot on FOX. The people of Tuvalu will record the goings-on from Saturday through Wednesday, overnight the footage to FOX for editing on Thursday so that the show can air on Friday.

The only thing the
contestants have to do is explain why they believe that global warming isn't happening. Each week one
contestant will be "removed" from the island. When there is only one
contestant left, he or she will be declared the winner, and receive the cash prize of $1 billion US dollars.

External LinksEdit

Recreational Attractions on Tuvalu

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