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Burning Bush in effigy

A typical V-Day celebration.

V-Day, also known as "Victory over Iraq Day" or "Mission Accomplished Day", is a global holiday observed annually on May 1st.

It honors our Greatest President George W. Bush's liberation of Iraq and the final defeat of the terrorists. Traditionally, the celebration involves people burning effigies of President Bush, the Burning Bush symbolizing God's orders to the President to free Iraq.

Iraqink wideweb 430x343

V is for Victory (over Iraq)

Another tradition associated with the holiday involves people painting their fingers purple, a color signifying the uniting of the world under the American Flag, purple being a combination of the colors red, white and blue.

Tragically, every year thousands of people each year are killed by fire and falling AK-47 bullets. However, some amount of loss of innocent life must be accepted as collateral damage for freedom.

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