User Pages are pages on a wiki which allow a User to post truthiness about themselves.

And in the footsteps of The Great and Honorable Professor Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A., Users are welcome to post the following things:

  • their own "On Notice" board,
  • their own "Dead To Me" board,
  • their own picture

and anything else they feel like.

When you first post, someone will say hello to you by leaving a message in your "talktube".

A link to your user page can be found at the top of the "talktube", just to the left of the "talktube" tab.

Another link can be found at the top right of your browser, on the page.

When you talk to people. leave messages in their "talktubes". If you have questions, post a note in the "talktube" of the person who said "hello".


This page, User Pages, discusses an official policy of We treat it like we would treat a decree from Our Glorious Stephen himself. Because it is so rich in gut-issued, truth-filled wikiality, this policy on User Pages has wide acceptance among members of and is considered a standard that all users should follow. By following these standards, we are working to create a reality where each user's truthiness reflects the truthiness of Stephen.

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