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Often the supafly night watchman of Wikiality who patrols the border between truth and truthiness, Lewser is a super awesome commando of all that is right and truthy. As of October 19th, 2006 Lewser has been bestowed full wiki-commando status, and gets to carry a gun and grow an awesome syscop mustache.

Lewser may be a student during the day, and a wiki-commando at all other times, but as a commitment to truthiness is much more important than any education, Lewser spends much of his time here. And Lewser doesn't sleep. He doesn't actually wait, either. He just kinda stands there...honestly, its kinda creepy.

Check out Wikiality:Administrators to find out who the other admins are.


Wiki-commando Lewser, hard at work. See him? Exactly.

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