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DeagleSteagle is an author on the web site, where you currently are right now. DeagleSteagle's extraordinary groundbreaking forays into expanding the boundaries of the world of truthiness are extraordinarily groundbreaking. One day, he will be considered a man before his time, much like bass guitarist Jaco Pastorius, that dude who played the guy from Mepos on Perfect Strangers and individually-wrapped bacon.

DeagleSteagle is bornEdit

DeagleSteagle was so down with the concept of living in the great nation of America, that he tore himself out of his mother's womb with his bare hands 8.52 months early just to breathe the fresh freedom loving air of the greatest nation on Earth, which is unlike that crackhead Phil Donahue, who is ashamed that he wasn't born in Tijuana. What a hippie!

DeagleSteagle's ancestors are French-Canadian, but all that means is that they were the ones smart enough to leave that pile and come to beautiful America! It is unclear if this bloodline qualifies DeagleSteagle to potentially become Stephen Colbert's French-Canadian Friend.

DeagleSteagle used to be a wee DeagleSteagle-iteEdit

When DeagleSteagle was very young, life was beautiful. Ronald Reagan was the man, and everything was sweller than swell. George H. W. Bush hosed the entire nation on that whole "read my lips" thing, but other than that, things were neat and spiffy for a few more years.

A Giant Crap Cloud Covers All of AmericaEdit

In 1992, a saxophone-playing philandering hippie took over America. For the next 8 years, DeagleSteagle and the rest of the greatest nation on Earth underwent a dark period. The sun disappeared for 8 years. Things started to look bleak there for a while. No White House intern was safe from the deadly cigars of W.J. Billy Bubba Blythe IV Clinton. Terrorists just ran around like crazy people and plotted their crap like...well...crazy people.

Its Getting Better All The TimeEdit

In 2000, the people rejected that prick Algore, who talked to us like he knew everything and we knew nothing, which may or may not have been actually true, but we didn't like it, gosh friggety darnit! As a result, the people chose George W. Bush and things pretty much started to pick up. The sun came out from behind the dark cloud it had been hiding behind for 8 years.


DeagleSteagle on penicillin, terrorist killin, chillin with Bob Dylan

DeagleSteagle Learns of the Power of TruthinessEdit

When DeagleSteagle grew to be a man, he learned of the concept of Truthiness. He also learned that all the Mountain Dew he had been drinking his whole life contained purified unfiltered Truthiness, and his consumption of said beverage every day over the course of his young life turned him into a walking, talking, mountain of Truthiness, with a Truthiness glint in his eye and a Truthiness fire in his gut. He then found Wikiality and with the aid of a kickin' computer of doom, DeagleSteagle unleashes all of the Truthiness stored in his gut onto the populace at large. Watch out, factonistas!

DeagleSteagle Awarded for Contributions to TruthinessEdit

DeagleSteagle was recognized for his truthiness, October 13, 2006. The award appears at the top of this page, with the comments: "Congratulations citizen!"

Accepting on behalf of himself, DeagleSteagle, DeagleSteagle would like to thank Stephen Colbert. And Jesus. And the rock behind his house which was engraved with the secrets of the faraway planet Bearpiter. Which DeagleSteagle immediately ate. So it would contribute to his Truthiness.

DeagleSteagle Awarded for Writing Two Featured ArticlesEdit

On 23 October 2006, the article which put DeagleSteagle on the map, "Michigan," was lifted to's "Featured" status. As a result, DeagleSteagle earned the title of "Mrs. Colbert." Which is awesome. In a completely hetero non-gay non-transsexual-shemale way.

On 7 November 2006, DeagleSteagle's masterpiece, "Saginaw Spirit" was lifted to's "Featured" status, and once again, he was crowned with the title of "Mrs. Colbert."

DeagleSteagle has either created or made significant contributions to the following articlesEdit

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