University of Southern California
seeks to indoctrinate America's children
with anti-Christian teaching furthering the dangerous Liberal Agenda.

USC (University of Southern California)

This private university is the faint sign of patriotism in the otherwise pro-bear state of California. This campus of patriotic bear-hating Americans is near Downtown Los Angeles and is the base for those known as the Trojans, who strive to destroy bears. Every year the the brave Trojans take on the UCLA Bruins in numerous athletic contests and this epic battle reaches its climax with the meeting of the two football teams, which the Trojans commemorate before hand by burning an effigy of the Bruins mascot in preparation for the battle with the UCLA Bear Lovers.

University of Southern California
Location: L.A.'s Red Light District
Type of School: Pubic School
Annual Tuition: post tuition here
Mascot: Trojan Man
School Colors: Red, Yellow, & every other color of the condom rainbow
School Song: Trojan Man!
Student Population: post population here
Fun Fact # 1: post fun fact #1 here
Fun Fact # 2: post fun fact #2 here



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Oh No!
University of Southern California
needs help fast!
Quick! Someone call the cavalry!

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