University of South Carolina
seeks to indoctrinate America's children
with anti-Christian teaching furthering the dangerous Liberal Agenda.
University of South Carolina
is suffering from a severe overdose of randomness!
Start a Truthiness-IV -STAT!!!
University of South Carolina
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The University of South Carolina at Columbia is not the real Carolina, and the only real USC.

Anyone from South Carolina that says that they are the real Carolina is jealous of their inferior education.

Anyone from the University of Southern California is clearly uneducated at calling themselves USC, since the real USC was founded in 1801, before California was even a state!

Isn't the University of Southern California a directional school?

Mascot Edit

Cocky is the mascot for the University of South Carolina. To show the love of cockfighting in South Carolina, cockthusiasts chose to use a giant gamecock for their mascot. To a certain degree, Cocky has became the unofficial mascot for the whole State of South Carolina. Dr. Colbert undoubtedly became a cockthusiast in his home state due to the influence of Cocky.

Athletics Edit

To maintain the motif of cocks within the University, all of the athletes in all of the varsity teams refer themselves as "The Gamecocks". (Even the female athletes prefer to call themselves The Gamecocks rather than The Gamehens or The Gamechicks).

Media Edit

Given the obsession over cocks, the student newspaper for the University is known as The Daily Gamecock.

Oh No!
University of South Carolina
needs help fast!
Quick! Someone call the cavalry!

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