As is the custom with the Presidential election, which has been held once every four years since the birth of the Baby Jesus, 2000 saw another contest for the soul of America.

The ContendersEdit

  • In the heroes' corner stood the righteous George W. Bush.
  • In the corner of utter darkness, despair, and outrageous claims stood Al Gore.
  • And prancing around the ring in a clown's outfit was Ralph Nader.

The BattleEdit

Following on from the previous year's Y2K turmoil, the 2000 election proved to be a wild and crazy time. Americans were confused by all the outrageous claims made by Al Gore, a former tobacco farmer and the inventor of the Internets. And come election night it seemed to be a very tight battle.

The OutcomeEdit

Ultimately the factonistas declared that the popular vote went marginally to Gore. Fortunately, a bunch of senile old people in Florida temporarily came to their senses and voted against him, thus saving America from four years of boredom.

Florida staggered over the edge into the Republican camp, and allowed the Electoral College and the Supreme Court to step in and save the day.

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