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Imagine some guy coming up to you and saying, "Hey, you know that brother you have who lives 2500 miles away? If you'll give me 43 cents, I'll take a 'letter' from you to him."

Yeah, right. And yet, every day, unsuspecting Americans hand over dozens if not hundreds of "letters" to men (and women who look like men) who claim to be planning to take the "letters" to people far away.

No one has ever actually received a "letter" via the United States Postal Service. Instead, this government funded, bloated, bureaucracy visits the homes of hard-working tax-paying Americans every day. What do they leave behind? Demands from a myriad of so-called "creditors" who insist that these hard-working tax-payers simply GIVE them money.

Congress is currently working to eliminate the United States Postal Service and thus bringing an end to this pox on our society.

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