The UCC makes God sad.

United Church of Christ would have you believe they are a Christian denomination. However there are only a large group of gay loving, pacifist Liberal wieners. Though the UCC statement of faith refers to Jesus as savior, the majority of UCC members are not Republicans (we know this because our gut told us it's the truth) and this makes God sad, because the Son founded the Republican Party. Remember real Christians are homophobic and vote Republican. It is well-known fact that only Republican Christians will be saved because real Christians are also Republicans. Also majority of prominent UCC leaders reject the fact that non-Christians go to hell. The big problem here is that that would put the devil and his demons out of a job and ruin a spiritual economy that embodies all things.

The United Church of Christ has a campaign called “God is still speaking”. However when a member is trying to make a point they rarely make the argument "well Jesus said to me...", like the rest of us good fundamentalist evangelicals.

United Church of Christ
makes The Baby Jesus sad.
Does your mother know you read these filthy liberal myths?

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