Please fold the Union Jack correctly
Do not let it touch the ground
Thank you

Union Jack
has bad teeth and a funny accent because it is British.

The Union jack flag (correct name is the Union Flag - it is only a Union Jack when flown from a Jack Staff on a ship - PLEASE CHANGE YOR REFERENCES ACCORDINGLY) is flown as the national flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and features prominently in several other flag designs. Islamofascists hate the Union Jack because it not only symbolizes the U.K., but also fellow C.O.W. members, like Australia and Hawaii.


Contrary to common belief, the Union Jack is a flag and not a guy named Jack who represents unions. Unions are socialist. The Union Jack stands for imperialism and democracy.


Union Jack flags used to look like this. Then the Kingdom of Britain became the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. That was great. It is tons better now, because red is spiffy and they're finally united in unholy matrimony.


The flag of Australia, featuring a nice, shiny Union Jack up in the left-hand corner for no apparent reason.


Hawaii's flag, which is not a national flag because Hawaii is part of America.


This flag represents the holdings of the British in and around the Indian Ocean, which borders both Asia and Africa.

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