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Baby Jesus
The Baby Jesus and The Baby Satan
are fighting over the very soul of


The Unibrow
Once not only fashionable but a hallmark of manliness. The Unibrow" has fallen from favor during the Fancy-pantsification of America.


Female Unibrow
Female neanderthals also possess the trademark unibrow. The DNC spent over $2.5M removing Michelle Obama's.

unibrow: /u-ne-BROW/ (n.) First appeared on the Sixth Day or about 6,000 years ago when God's Divine Plan was initiated.

  1. One continuous eyebrow, frequently seen on Neanderthals, Terrorists and Democrats.
  2. What a Metrosexual wouldn't be caught dead with.
  3. A defining trait of the Manbearpig.

Famous UnibrowiansEdit

Franken brow

The FrankenBrow
Al Franken caught here musing of Barney Frank's lap dance he recieved at the House Cock S**kers Coalition Christmas Party.

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