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Unemployment occurs when a person does not have a job. A person can become unemployed due to factors such as Supply and Demand, a change in work environment, and reduced work performance. However, the most common reason a person loses employment is through sheer laziness.

How People Become Unemployed?Edit

People who are unemployed are almost always there either, of their own choosing, or because of their own (in)actions. To help illustrate this point below are some fictional scenarios of how some people may have become unemployed, and what they could have done to prevent it.

Scenario #1: Pedro Edit

"Pedro" works at a bean canning factory in Newark, New Jersey. Like every other worker at the bean factory, Pedro is paid according to his skills (which is all any American can ask for). One day Pedro and his coworkers recieve notice that their bean canning factory is closing and their green beans will now be canned in China.

Pedro and his coworkers could have avoided unemployment by making their factory more cost effective to better compete in a global market. This could be done in any given number of ways, including: working 12 hour days, eliminating lunch/bathroom breaks, accepting 6-day work weeks, not protesting the use of more cost-effective materials such as lead soldering, or simply working as hard and fast as they could as if someone was holding a gun to their heads.

Scenario #2: Edit

Scenario #3: BrettEdit

* Note: This next example is to show that even a wealthy and well-respected person can become unemployed.*
There was a professional ballplayer named "Brett" who was at the top of his game. His services were coveted by many other ballclubs, and his super star status made him equally desirable with the ladies.

Why People Become UnemployedEdit


How To Survive UnemploymentEdit

If you were smart like Stephen, you would have had a plan in place in case you ever found yourself without a job.

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