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~Oscar Wilde

has its own tube of the internets.

Don't clog it!!!
Is an essential component of's Internets Tube for Nerds
Baby hitler
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are a proud und perfect reflection of der Nazi Party.
Und makes The Baby Hitler dance der Goose-Step!
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~ Oscar Wilde
on Uncyclopedia

Uncyclopedia (full name:, nickname: Uncyc) is an online encyclopedia with a reputation for a strong liberal bias. Founded in 2005 by well-known pornographer Jimmy Wales, drug trafficker George Soros, and liberal leprechaun Dennis Kucinich, the site contains thousands of vile entries, with topics ranging from Jesus Hitler, a page equating Jesus with Hitler, to a page titled Industrial Strength Homo-Erotic Pornography.

While the style of the encyclopedia seems entirely nonsensical at first perusal, it quickly becomes evident to the enlightened conservative reader that the site is part of the vast left-wing conspiracy to corrupt the youth of America with their three part liberal agenda. First, they lure the children onto their tubes with pages about candy and Transformers. Then, they destroy their morals and values with articles such as Reasons To Become An Atheist. Finally, they lure the children to their basement lairs with rewards of ninja stars and cookies.

Examples of Liberal Bias on UncyclopediaEdit

1. Quotations from Oscar Wilde dominate the website, showing their reverence for the man. Not only was this man a homosexual, he was also a writer of books! On a page titled: Oscar Wilde Facts, the site states that Wilde "Taught Jesus everything he knew".

2. The site reveals the communist ideology underpinning the site in numerous ways.

  • The site has a .org domain extension, displaying its disdain for free-market economics as well as promoting deviant sexual practices.
  • The motto of the site states that Uncyclopedia is "the online encyclopedia anyone can edit," an obviously communist idea.[1]

3. In its article on Homosexuals, the site lists numerous great American heroes in its list of "notable homosexuals", including Jerry Falwell, The Greatest President Ever, and even Our Personal Lord And Savior.

4. In an eponymous article, the site clearly rides's coattails by claiming to be an attempt to increase the "ultimate truthiness of internet encyclopedic efforts."

5. The site heavily promotes "kitten huffing," which experts tell us is slang for smoking crack. The pictures of adorable kittens are clearly mascots chosen to appeal to children.


Rivalries rage between the various wiki internets satire website encycloptic content producers as to which has the greatest wiki website for producing internets encyclopedia satire.

History of Uncyclopedia and WikialityEdit

First, there was Wikipedia. It was just a free electronic encyclopedia. (hey its better than reading) Then, a couple of liberals wanted to make a website filled with stuff that may sound like truthiness, but its really just liberal bias. They named it Uncyclopedia. When the Wikia people saw Uncyclopedia, they saw how bias and gay it was. They needed to make an encyclopedia that has not bias, but truthiness. Now, there is Wikiality, which is FAR superior to Uncyclopedia! Uncyclopedia sucks.

  1. Utilizing provisional powers granted to us by the PATRIOT Act, throughly vets it's contributors.

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