Truthiness award3
Truthiness award3
Uncle Ben/Truthy
won a 2006 "Truthie"
for Best Opening Line of the Year
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Your default black friend

Uncle Ben is the default first black friend every child has, like Tom on MySpace.


His long, fruitful marriage to Aunt Jemima has lasted for nigh-on 70 years. It has outlasted The Great Depression, The Beatles, Communism, and the presidency of Jimmy Carter. Their children include:

  • Theo Huxtable
  • Flavor Flav
  • Johnny Cochrane
  • Rita Cosby

Rice Mogul

Uncle Ben made most of his money selling rice. He started in the rice game as a simple day-laborer working for room and board. Uncle Ben was once caught stealing rice. His superiors were forced to whip Ben violently. This gave him a new respect for, not only rice, but all things white. After the whipping, Ben decided to work twice as hard as ever. After many years of loyal service, Ben ventured out on his own. He devised a new way to cook rice in a minute and began the company "Uncle Ben's Minute Rice".


I'm Better Than Uncle Ben, I'm More Of George's Flavor, Holla

Volunteer Work

Though Uncle Ben tends to veer from media attention, he does spend most of his time doing volunteer work. Including:

Notable Quotes

  • "With great power comes great responsibility

of Black Friends

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