U (letter)
has nothing to do with Dr. Colbert! Fix it, or it will be Dead To Me and Stephen!
Discuss why U (letter) should not be deleted here.

The Letter UEdit

The 20th letter, commonly known as "U" (pron. ewe) was added to the English language in 1743 by King Henry VIII on the occasion of the birth of his fourth son Ulysses.

Though many historians believe the letter was a gift to his son, my original research suggests it was in fact a gift to the boy's mother, Betsy.

We must all thank King Henry VIII even though he was a dirty brit. Without him we would be the Nited States of America or NSA. This would cause chaos as a NSA already exists and liberals thrive on chaos.

Relation to the letter TEdit

There is a susspected connection to the letter T, and we are all aware of the war on T. Prof. McDoc is in favor of eradicating the letter T, and is susspicious of U.

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