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U2 is an Irish Rock Band comprising of Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. They are considered to be the Greatest Rock Band because of their originality. They have won more Grammy Awards than any other recording artist in history.

Despite the liberally-biased "fact" that the constantly call for economic equality and are staunch pacifists, they are obviously just parodying other liberal artists, because they are Christian and thus obviously conservative like Stephen is.



(See the full Bono article here)

The EdgeEdit

The Edge may be a mix of the sperm of both Eric Clapton & Jimi Hendrix which makes him a great guitar player. He is the only non-Irish member of U2. He is British.

Adam ClaytonEdit

Larry Mullen Jr.Edit


Notable PerformancesEdit

  • They have also unfortunately performed at the opening saints game after hurricane katrina with godless bear-lovers, Green Day

See AlsoEdit

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