Tyrone Hunnibi
is a proud member
of Stephen Colbert's family!

But if it did happen...

Tyrone Hunnibi is not Stephen Colbert's gay porn name (for the record.)

It is the name used by Caesar Honeybee when Caesar hypothetically does gay porn to support his hypothetical meth addiction.

Hypothetical Gay PornEdit

The Hypothetical Gay Porn is a favorite of the American women — especially fangirl of "Caesar Honeybee" — with poor body image. Women, who get jealous of other women easily, prefer the hypothetical gay porn over regular porn because without other women in porn, there is no supermodel hotness to be envied over. Also being the smart shopper, there is a noticeable higher cock density and more cock intensity in the hypothetical gay porn than regular porn, thus getting more economy for each dollar spent for porn.

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