Tyra Banks
is a CELEBRITY! Oh. My. God.

Tyra Banks is an African-American woman who was formerly a model and is now a talk show host for her self titled "The Tyra Banks Show". However, she is a horrible talk show host and should've asked Oprah for a few tips before adventuring into the world of daytime talk shows.

Life As A ModelEdit

Tyra Banks was a model since she was young. She usually talks about how hard it is for other races to "make it" in the business, however, what about Dr. Stephen Colbert Obama? And don't let us forget Stephen Colbert Jay-Z, famous African American rapper! Tyra Banks is just making that up as an excuse for how little views her talk show gets. She now regrets 3 things in her miserable life: 1) Giving up modeling 2) Not telling her mom about her father's affair, and 3) Not hetting the Jonas BRothers on her sgow before Ellen did!

Life As A Talk Show HostEdit

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