A day of the week (pronounced: TOOZ-day), normally depicted as the third day when using the Gregorian calendar, not the Jew calendar, which says that God rested on Saturday, which isn't true because God partied on Saturday.

Why Tuesday is SpecialEdit

Many things can happen on Tuesday; sometimes things don't happen. But what makes Tuesday special is that it is the one day of the week when opinions do not change, regardless of what happens or doesn't happen.

This was revealed by Stephen Colbert at the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner. My gut tells me that day was a Tuesday.

What God did on TuesdayEdit

God separated the oceans from the dirt.

What Children Who Are Born on Tuesday Are LikeEdit

They are full of face. They accept their patriotic calling at birth, marching forth from the womb waving a flag of which it's origins remain unknown.

Also calledEdit

Famous People Born on TuesdayEdit

Karl Rove
Samuel Scalito
Alberto Gonzales
Marilyn Monroe
Kylie Minogue
Justin Bieber
Gal Gadot

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