Ministry of Truthiness

Truthiness Alert Color Code

The Truthiness Alert Color Code should be used when processing information. It will make your decisions and conclusions easier to come to. Thanks from your good friends at the Ministry of Truthiness.


It's for your own protection! Got it ? Good!

"Truthiness Alert Color Code"
Color Name Example Level
of Truthiness
of Factiness
Descritpion Patriotic Action Needed
+0 +10 Information is True and can be researched, proved and verified Pray
+2 +8 Information Contains Elements of Truth, but there are some minimal traces of truthiness. stop reading, even the TV Guide
+6 +4 Information Contains Very Little Truth, the majority of it is truthiness. yell at the TV
+8 +2 Involuntary Truthiness (on the basis of ignorance and not intentional) hoard canned goods
+10 +0 Severe Intentional Truthiness & 100% Bullshit Listen to Talk Radio, 24 hours a day

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