Truthiality, (noun)

1. The world the articles of wikiality and the words of Stephen express, as opposed to reality which is the devil's grand illusion as orchestrated in a chaotic and fact huggerish opera of blame America firstish lyrics squaked to a melody of depressing cut and run democrat-olins and a bass line supplied by the blood thirsty roars of satanicly fueled bears dancing to the drums of Muslim I.E.D. and suicide attacks.

Stephen's OpinionEdit

"I'm no fan of reality..."
Stephen Colbert, Colbert Report, 7/31/2006
"Reality has a well known liberal bias."
Stephen Colbert, White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, 4/29/2006
"I dream of a world where reality and truthiness can be one."
Stephen Colbert
We all do Stephen. We all do! Maybe those dreams are coming true.
is Lincolnish

And you're not.

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