Truthiness award3
Truthiness award3

Truth Cycle won a 2006 "Truthie"
for Best Series of the Year

Click here to view it in its award-winning state.

The Truth Cycle Is the Life Cycle of Truth in the Truthiverse. There are 2 flavors of the Truth Cycle: The Active Cycle and the Passive Cycle.

Active CycleEdit

  1. Truth is truthified by the Quantum Truthic Structures.
  2. Truth (in the form of truthicules) then moves to the Gut where it is first felt by very Truthientious people. (For most people Truth gets stuck here where it causes bloating and discomfort)
  3. From there the truthicules might make their way to the cockles of the heart (the feeling organ), where they cause things like crying in women, fighting in men, and drinking in Stephen.
  4. Most Truth however, will simply migrate its way to the mouth where it can escape a truthy person and stand a chance of being truthified by a person whose quantum truthic structures are high in truthistance. This alternate Truthification takes place in the cochleae of the ear.
  5. From the ear Truth may bypass the brain and move to the gut (Step 2). (Often the truth gets stuck in the brain where it causes headaches and, eventually, tumors.)

Passive CycleEdit

  1. Truth is turthified by the Quantum Truthic Structures.
  2. At all times the quantum truthic structures of truthientious people radiate truth in an effort to balance the truthiness of the truthiverse. This truthiness is eventually truthified by another quantum truthic structure.(Go To step 1)


Attitude is human perception of both the active and passive cycles in a human being. The proper Attitude is a result of a greater concentration of Truthiness in the gut, which is caused by Super-Truthic Quantum Truthic Structures. If one's Quantum Truthic Structures pour truthiness into one's gut (where it is felt) for a long period of time it causes a change in the one's person which manifests itself in the proper dress, language, possessions, and paycheck as an instinctive extension of the individual.

Exercising the Active Truth Cycle is an excellent way to outwardly display an American Attitude. The Passive Truth Cycle enhances other's perception of your Attitude. However, one's ability to radiate truthicules is largely decided at conception and changes little over a lifetime.

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